A change in hosting

eHost 404 Error

I recently had to shop around for web hosting packages because the original web hosting subscription had expired and until I could find a suitable replacement fitting our need for hosting multiple domains/websites without taking a second mortgage on the house to keep our sites online, we’ve been “borrowing”. While we’ve been shopping, a dear friend has been kind enough to add our sites to his multi-domain hosting subscription to keep our sites accessible and online.

I thought I’d finally found the solution with “eHost’s unlimited domain/site hosting package” which is on sale right now at a very affordable subscription price. I purchased 3 years of “unlimited domain hosting with unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth”. During the purchase process, I up-sold to “optimized SEO, Super-charging load times, SSL certificates (for secure online transactions), and an extra year of hosting” on a “one-time special discount” during the initial purchase of the hosting subscription.

Once the purchase was completed, I was provided a “free domain name” with the subscription so I figured I’d use the new domain to offer new web design services from My Tech Works for Me. I setup the “free” domain in a matter of minutes using eHost’s “Site Builder” instead of using the usual WordPress application suite I’ve used for the other websites we’ve already designed. Then I began searching for the cPanel to migrate our existing domains over to eHost and the link to access the cPanel for the new DNS records appeared to be broken. Then I tried to “host an additional domain” I already own with my new “unlimited hosting package” I was prompted to pay another full hosting subscription for each domain I planned to move.

A call to the support line advised me that I made an error when I selected my subscription that would only allow hosting for a single domain. The offered resolution was to start over with a second entirely new subscription selecting specific options to ensure the “unlimited sites/domains” featured at every point in the purchase process. I would be charged the entire amount I’d been charged the first time, and eHost would then refund the charges for the original subscription. It sounded a bit overcomplicated and unfair that I’d be charged a second time for the same subscription I’d already paid for then have to wait for a refund to be credited back to me as eHost sees fit.

Begrudgingly, I followed the process outlined by customer service, paid for another 4 years of “unlimited” hosting and once the transaction was complete, I was finally granted access to the cPanel I needed to move our domains over to eHost. This was Monday and I’ve spent multiple hours trying to install WordPress for this website (mytechworksforme.com) and after multiple failed attempts I sought the opinion of a good friend who’s a seasoned veteran and expert at web design. He looked over my coding and found no errors except that WordPress was not installing correctly in the cPanel. We deleted the entire file directory I’d been working on and started from scratch to find the same problem.

Another call to eHost’s Support Line tonight to request a full refund of all charges from my first purchase and the 2nd purchase I made under direction from Customer Service on Monday backed by the “45 Day, No Questions Asked Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee” found there is currently an “open ticket” to resolve the matter. When I requested the refund I was advised to allow time for the ticket to be worked because it would take that long for charges to process and post before a refund could be issued. When asked for an estimated time of resolution, I was told they could provide none but I should call back in 24-48 hours. Meanwhile all our websites were displaying 404 Errors – The Page Cannot Be Found.

After I got home for the day today, I asked the friend that has been hosting our domains until we could find a suitable hosting plan for the DNS servers used in his hosting package so I could re-point our domains back to his hosting service and at least be back online during this unbelievable headache of a circus dealing with eHost. I got the server names, I logged back into the domain control panel that I use to purchase my domains through (Webspace Geeks – whom I highly recommend), pointed our primary domains back to the servers used by my friends hosting service, and within minutes our main websites were back online. Absolutely no thanks whatsoever to eHost, their “unlimited hosting subscription”, their Customer Service, or their iron-clad “45 Day Money-Back Customer Satisfaction Guarantee”.  My friend uses Host Gator for the multiple domains he manages (as well as our primary domains at the moment since the TWO 4 year “unlimited” hosting packages I’ve had to pay for with eHost can’t seem to install WordPress or allow the “unlimited domains/websites” like they advertise). After all the headache, frustration, unnecessary charges, promised refunds without follow-through, and 404 Errors I’ve had to endure since last Sunday when I made that fateful “subscribe now” click with eHost…. I think I just want my money back now… I want ALL of my money back and to sever all connection with this ridiculous mess the “unlimited websites/domains” subscription has turned out to be. I’ll take my sites, my domains, my web traffic, and my business elsewhere. I’ll use a service that really provides the services they advertise. Perhaps I’ll look into Host Gator, my friend has been with them for a few years, speaks extremely highly of them, and our sites are already being hosted from Host Gator while we try to straighten this debacle out anyway.

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