Boost your sales with a little help

I got a call the other day from an old friend who’s in the business of selling cars. I sold cars… Years ago, before the iPhone, before Facebook, and before it was so easy to market yourself as “your own brand”. To boost his sales and get his name “out there” to potential clients giving him an edge over the typical “see you and run up to you, hand extended offering his business card” I’m going to help him create a Facebook page where he can promote himself as the person to see when you’re in the market to buy a car.

Once again, we’ll be making his technology work for him. Once we get the page setup the way he wants it, I’ll link to it here so everyone can see how easy and inexpensive to market their particular brand with a little help from technology working for them.

Fist full of cash

Arriving at his office, I found he’d already started a Facebook page for his business so we did a little “fine tuning”. Set him up with a Google Voice phone number to ring his mobile, desk, and home phones depending on his preference at the time (318) 734-9ORR. We added a button on his page that allows people to call his new number directly from his page. We discussed the importance of “hash-tagging” his posts so they’ll trend on Facebook.

I also suggested a Twitter page for his business, developing his LinkedIn profile page (because LinkedIn is the “Facebook” for businesses), and we discussed creating a website to tie all of his social networks together. He seemed to get a lot out of our discussion so we’ll see if his sales improve in the future with the tools he’s been made aware of. As promised before, here’s a link to his Facebook page. It should be interesting to see how his social sales presence grows in the coming days.

Please let us know how we've helped your tech work for you