iCloud Explained

Source: Apple

I get so many people who come to me with problems syncing their pictures, contacts, and calendars across all of their iOS devices, Macs, and Windows PCs. The problem I always find is that they’re using their original “Apple ID” which can be anything from an “@yahoo.com” email address, “@google.com” email address, or “@anydomain.youcanthinkof.com” email address.

The correct way to sync all of your pictures, contacts, calendars, and the rest of the data on your iOS device is to the use the FREE “@icloud.com” email address that Apple offers for sending and receiving email, using iCloud drive, and sharing pictures/videos across photo-streams. Here is a link to the Apple Page that illustrates the correct way to configure an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows machine to use iCloud for all that it offers.