Our new “Reviews” Page

As an independent support and service provider, I make a lot of purchases. Various products, services, software, and hardware components. These purchases are made from various online stores where buyers can review the products they purchase from sellers, rating the purchases on points such as:

  • Ordering experience
  • Shipping (transit times, packaging of products, and ease of removing such packaging)
  • Competitiveness of pricing
  • Quality of product
  • Accuracy of description of product/service advertised
  • Product quality/defect
  • Support (both product and order support)
  • Warranty service & exchanges
  • Refunds for products returned due to defect or improper advertising

I’ve been posting reviews to various online stores such as NewEgg, BestBuy, eBay, and Amazon for years until recently one of these online retailers decided to delete my entire review history and block my ability to post product reviews for any product/service I might purchase in the foreseeable future. Many calls and email requests sent to that retailer’s “Customer Service Team” have been fruitless so finally after months of frustration, I’ve decided to post reviews of all the products I purchase here on my website where I cannot be silenced, manipulated, and/or blocked for sharing my honest experiences with sellers and product purchases I make online. I’ll link to the products I review (both good and bad experiences) so my readers can directly access any products and/or services I review and recommend or do not recommend therefore my readers can make the decision for themselves to either purchase a product/service or not. I am not compensated for the reviews I post and if I find a product at a discount, I’ll share the way I received the discount and link to any promo codes/coupons I happen to discover that will allow my readers to receive the same discount I have. Please feel free to add you own experiences/reviews here and you will not be blocked or censored because having been blocked myself, I know for a fact that BEING BLOCKED AND UNABLE TO POST AN EXPERIENCE WITH A RETAILER AND/OR THAT RETAILER’S PRODUCT SUCKS!

All I ask is that we respect each other and post our reviews/opinions in a manner that will offer value to anyone who reads them.


Brandon Barton – Sole Proprietor – My Tech Works for Me



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