Small to Mid-Sized Business Support and Network Administration Services

Finding a reliable “IT Person” can be a chore these days, especially if you’re working the desk, answering phone calls, setting appointments, and dealing with whomever might happen to walk into your office. With My Tech Works for Me, Small to Mid-Sized Business now has a whole new set of choices.

If the personnel in the office are already “tech-savvy” and are able to handle most problems when email doesn’t work correctly, the office printer/copier/fax machine isn’t working the way it should, or the Internet service suddenly stops working – then Support on a per-instance model may suit the needs of your office better than keeping an “IT Guy” on call the entire month when the office really only needs IT Services during emergencies.

On the other hand if your office is filled with employees who are great at what they do as long as their computers work, the printers print, and the copier doesn’t go on the fritz but all productivity stops when a computer, printer, copier, or even email problem arises… A monthly support agreement may be the most economical and comprehensive solution for your business IT Support needs. The monthly support agreement begins at $500, covers up to 5 workstations and includes 11 hours of remote or  support. This is the “set it and forget it option, I’ll need to spend approximately 1 day at your office to familiarize myself with the ends and out of your existing network equipment, check all computers, printers, servers, and scanners which will probably take 3-4 hours at your business during the first trip and cost approximately $175.00 set-up fee. As a business grows the cost of the monthly service is likely to increase  but adequate notice will be provided prior to any change in prices. The monthly subscription comes with a remote support package so employees who encounter problems during their regular work day can have them resolved as soon as possible.

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