All Prices are Subject to Change but Notice will be Given.

This list is to give an idea ONLY!

  • Computer Networking ($55.00 up to 2 machines and a printer)
  • Data Back-Up/Restore ($100 per Terabyte – 1 TB minimum)
  • New machine set-up ($75.00 – Fresh out of the box, remove all ad/bloat-ware, ensure machine is fully functional)
  • Upgrades to software and hardware (FREE Estimates)
  • Repair of failing hard drives ($50.00 + the cost of the new hard drive)
  • Memory Upgrades ($35.00 + the cost of the new memory)
  • Wireless Solutions (FREE Estimates)
  • Virus, spyware, and mal-ware removal ($100.00 to wipe machine totally and reinstall Operating System. $150.00 to back-up data such as photos, music, & documents for restoral after machine is wiped.)
  • Screen repairs for laptops and smart phones ($50 – $100.00 plus the cost of the replacement screen)
  • Email setup and troubleshooting (Done remotely, $60.00/hr – minimum 1 hr charge)
  • Home and office networking (FREE Estimates)
  • Virtual Private Networks (FREE Estimates)
  • Computer Optimization ($50-$150.00 depending on the level of previous maintenance)
  • User lessons (FREE Estimates, Customized to your needs)
  • Diagnostic of unknown problems (FREE Estimates, usually done remotely)
  • Printer/Scanner set-up and network sharing ($55.00/hr – 1 hr minimum)
  • PC to Mac or Mac to PC migrations ($50 – $200 depending on the amount of data to migrate)
  • Point of Sale Systems (FREE Estimates – Small Business Discounts Available)
  • Home audio and theater installation and set-up (FREE Estimates)
  • Web Design (FREE Estimates – dependent upon the amount of content desired for the website)
  • Small and Large Business IT Support and Network Administration (FREE Estimates, Complete & Total IT/Network/Desktop Support for your business needs)
  • Personal and Class Instruction (FREE Estimates – dependent upon level of tech knowledge and timeframe lessons need to be delivered)
  • Network Cabling ($55.00/hr – minimum 1hr)
  • Local Area Network set-up and maintenance ($55.00/hr – minimum 1 hr charge)
  • Mobile phone support (Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry, or any other Operating System Imaginable – $50.00/hr – minimum 1 hr)
  • Data back-up and Recovery ($50 – $200 dependent upon the amount of data and complexity of recovery)
  • Remote Support from the comfort of your home or office ($59.95/hr – Single Session – minimum 1 hr billable / Subscription Services are available at a better value!)

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