RG6 Cable Repair

imageimage     image   Yesterday afternoon about 3 o’clock, I got a phone call from a new client who had been working in her flowerbeds and accidentally cut the coaxial cable that feeds her Comcast service into her home.  She wanted me to come repair it yesterday evening after I got off work at 5 PM but unfortunately it was raining outside and to make sure you don’t get moisture in being repaired cable I told her that we wanted to make sure and wait until it wasn’t raining outside.  This morning is sunny and bright with no rain so I’m headed out this morning early to repair this cut coaxial cable and restore her Comcast service in her home.

Arrival at the clients house found the pier and beam house where coaxial cable had been run I would look like the work of a satellite TV technician. The cable was hanging from the outside the house into the flowerbeds and ran up under the house.  The cable was severed just under the house so I terminated the cable coming from under the house approximately 6 inches away from the bottom of the house and then cut and terminated the other end of the cable that  had been hung and rigged tucked under the gutter on the side of the house. I use some new Coax as a bridge between the two areas of the cable that were severed approximately 3 to 4 feet apart. After terminating 4 ends of coaxial cable,  I reconnected everything and secured the old and new Coax to the client’s house so it’s not hanging in the flower bed to be severed again. I had the client test both cable and Internet services to ensure all were at peak performance. Here are a few “before and after pictures”.

image image image


image image


Once again, another satisfied client who’s Technology is once again Working for Them.

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