The “I’ve already got all the parts needed” Customer

Over the weekend I get a call… Well it ended up being 3 calls from the same prospective customer… He has an iPhone 6 with a broken screen. Without giving his name as I answer his call… “Yeah, How much you charge to fix a broken iPhone?”

I asked what was broken and which model iPhone so I could determine the cost of the replacement hardware? He says “It’s the screen for an iPhone 6.” So I tell him the display replacement is approximately $100.00 and I’d charge $75.00 to complete the repair. He said “A-ait” and was about to end the call when I said “… By the way, I’m Brandon… Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” He replied… “Dis Dexter” I said “Thanks for calling Dexter. You have my number and if you’d like to proceed with the repair, I can send an invoice to your mobile or email address for the cost of the parts, I’ll order them once the invoice is paid, they usually take 2 days to arrive, you can drop your phone off at my office 1st thing the next morning and  it will be ready by lunchtime.” Again he said “A-ait”  and then hung up the phone.

About two hours later I received another call from Dexter stating that he already had the replacement screen and he wanted to know what I would charge to simply put it on? Again I told him I’d charge $75.00 to complete the repair, he could drop it off at my office Monday morning and pick it up by lunchtime later that day. I did mention that I could make no warranty or guarantee on the replacement screen because I have no knowledge of where it came from or if it might be defective since he would be providing the new screen.  Again he ended the call and stated that he may be calling back later.

Another hour or so passed  I received another call from Dexter , this time he said that his digitizer was broken and he had the clear glass piece that makes up the touch screen of the iPhone. I explained that the digitizer is fused together with the LCD on the iPhone so unfortunately, that was not the part required to complete the repair. He said he’d have to call me back and I didn’t hear from him again so I sent him an SMS message with a link where he could purchase a high quality replacement display for his iPhone if he felt so strongly about providing the parts himself.

…. I have yet to hear back from “Dexter”…. If I do, I think this may be one of those cases where the $75.00 repair will need to be increased to a $150.00 repair… Sometimes it’s best to recognize that you call for “support” because you either can’t or aren’t qualified to do something on your own… It might be a good idea to respect the knowledge and advice you get from the professional you choose to call for “support”.

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