We LOVE referrals!

We LOVE Referrals!

We LOVE Referrals!

The last week I received a referral to work on a Dell XPS (previously discussed in my “tech blog”) and once the repair and upgrades were completed to the machine, I returned the machine to its owner. My new client who had been referred to me was so happy that he brought me his laptop that hasn’t worked in a about a year and he wanted to see if I can fix it or it would be more economically reasonable just to purchase a new laptop.

I’ve backed up his data, documents, pictures, and videos to an external drive then I proceeded to remove the viruses and malware that infected the laptop and rendered it unusable. Once I wiped the machine, , I upgraded its operating system from Windows Vista (which we all know hogs memory) to Windows 7 ultimate and got the machine running without issue. I did find that the machine was in need of a memory upgrade because it only had 2 GB of memory and is capable of running 8 GB which would effectively quadruple the speed of the machine.

I sent the client a message with the cost to upgrade the memory and assured him that doing so would get him another 2 to 3 years use out of the laptop and the machines been on my work desk for the last week while the client has been saving the money to purchase the memory upgrade. I just got a text message from the client saying that he would have the money for the upgrade tomorrow and pay the invoice I had previously sent him for the cost of the hardware in the morning so I could order the upgraded memory.

I’ve had the machine running constantly all week after I wiped it and reinstalled Windows and I haven’t had a single problem out of the machine the entire week so next week when the memory upgrade arrives, I will return a second machine to this client that he would’ve ended up replacing at a cost of seven to $900 for a fraction of that price. Another happy client whose technology now works for them.

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