Windows 10… Get over “The Fear” and make the jump.

Talk to any office employee and they’ll tell you the most important machine they use on a daily basis must remain on an outdated version of Windows (Windows 7) under “threat of death” against the upgrade from the Office IT Guy (or IT Girl to be politically¬†correct).

Arguments are made that office programs will not work in Windows 10 that harken back to the days of making the jump from Windows XP to Windows 7(which by the way is still the main operating system in a lot of offices even though Microsoft has stopped releasing updates and security patches for XP). Microsoft did such a terrible job with the release of Windows Vista that the trust Microsoft once took for granted from IT Pros was lost to such a degree, it’s taking a very long time for IT Pros to give back.

Windows 8 wasn’t much to help gain trust back and confused so many users with its new “Metro” interface (you know, the live “tiles” Windows 8 users were greeted with when they turned their shiny new Windows 8 machine). These “tiles” we’re so foreign to users that many didn’t know how to use them. Coupled with new features like “charms”, and a design built on touch-screen optimization, users were even more confused. “What happened to our beloved Start button?!?!?!?” There were complaints “How do we get to our program list” and “Where the Hell did our ‘desktop’ go?!?!?”

Microsoft pulled through and found a way to combine all the new features like touch, charms, the Microsoft Store, live tiles, and the “traditional desktop” with our beloved “Start Button” in Windows 10. They sweetened the deal by offering free upgrades to the new operating system for an entire year (which ended just the other day on July 29th 2016). I took advantage of the deal on every Windows box I’ve worked on the past year and haven’t gotten a single complaint from users both young and old. It’s too bad that most “IT People” look so lowly on the users they’re paid to support that they think a user can’t figure out how to “Right-Click” an application and choose to run the application in “Compatibility Mode”.

Compatibility Mode is Microsoft’s way to (forgive my crassness) “idiot proof” a new version of Windows so both household and business users can still use the programs they downloaded free or possibly even purchased as far back as Windows XP. (I run all Apple machines except for when I’m working on another client’s machine and Apple doesn’t even do that!!) It’s a shame that so many have missed out on the great new features Windows 10 has to offer this last year for free under threat of death from their “IT People” for clicking the icon to upgrade their Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, and yes… Let’s not leave out our old beloved Windows XP (which if your office is still running XP, I recommend you fire the “IT Guy” and find someone else who knows what they’re doing) because the IT Guy is just plain LAZY. Now anyone who wants to upgrade will have to pay for the same Operating System the rest of us have gotten for free this entire year because the people who support their networks couldn’t be bothered to take 5 minutes to educate their users on Windows 10 or… Let’s just face facts… Their IT People are simply afraid of change.


Don't worry, I'm fixing it!!

Don’t worry, I’m fixing it!!


(This is just my opinion, an IT professional with over 15 years “real world experience” who’s finally decided to spend a couple thousand dollars to get the “Certificates” to prove I know what I ALREADY know)

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