You have to love Toshiba laptops!

I get more phone calls from people with laptops that they can no longer charge because the power wiring harness has broken off inside the laptop. I can’t help but chuckle a little bit whenever I ask “is your laptop a Toshiba?” The new or perspective client will reply 99% of the time, “yes it is a Toshiba, how did you know?”

Toshiba laptops are one of the few that I found who don’t solder Toshiba the AC/DC power wiring harness to the computer’s motherboard and because of this more Toshibas have the same problem and it’s no fault of the end-user. No matter how careful they may be connecting the power cord to the laptop, that wiring harness we will move out of its regular position.

So dear reader, the next time you consider purchasing a new laptop think twice when the price of that Toshiba laptop seems a little too irresistible.

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